The Georgia Charter Schools Association (GCSA) is a Georgia non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation and the membership organization for Georgia’s charter school operators and petitioners, established in 2001.

About GCSA

Georgia Charter Schools Association believes all students deserve an excellent educational opportunity regardless of their economic circumstances. GCSA is a nonpartisan advocate, partner and service provider for Georgia’s public charter schools. Our work increases the number of excellent public-school options for all Georgia students. The Georgia Charter Schools Association trains charter school governing boards throughout the state; works to develop high-quality startup charter schools and replicate successful ones; and advocates for charter schools to members of the Georgia General Assembly, local school boards, state authorizers and the Georgia Board of Education.

GCSA champions autonomy, equity, access, and quality for all charter schools in Georgia.


Charter schools are entitled to operate autonomously and should remain free of undue state and local regulation.


Charter schools are public schools and should receive funding and resources at a level comparable to that of traditional schools.


Quality charter school applications should be approved, and successful charter schools should be


The “charter bargain” requires increased accountability in exchange for increased flexibility and autonomy.